Food PAC of MN & Food Coalition

What is a PAC?

You receive information from Minnesota Grocers Association that states, “Give to the Food PAC and help grocers at the Legislature,” but what does that really mean?  Why is it a necessary tool for effectiveness at the Capitol?

A PAC or a Political Action Committee is a fund created to be used as a vehicle for an organization to participate in the political process through campaign contributions. 

Since businesses are prohibited from giving corporate contributions to political candidates, PACs are a vehicle to enable individuals to contribute to the good or common cause of an industry.  Your contribution to the Food PAC of MN is an investment in your business. 

As the political arm of the Minnesota Grocers Association, the Food PAC supports candidates for elective office who have shown a commitment to the retail food industry in Minnesota. Since it takes major financial resources to run a campaign for elective office, our political involvement through the Food PAC brings clout to the food industry at the Capitol and helps us immensely as we work with you to advance and protect the interests of the retail food industry.

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What is an Independent Expenditure?

The Minnesota Food Coalition, an independent expenditure committee, has been formed to assist in electing pro-food industry candidates in Minnesota. The Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (588 U.S. 310) U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2010 forever changed political campaigns. Corporations, associations, and labor unions can now form political independent expenditures (IE), creating an avenue for businesses to contribute to political activity. This new tool has been embraced by progressive groups in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Food Coalition is a Minnesota-based Independent Expenditure Political Committee created by the Minnesota Grocers Association to educate voters on the importance of electing pro-industry candidates. No contributions are made to candidates, and the Minnesota Food Coalition does not coordinate any communications or activities with candidates. Contributions are accepted from corporate funds AND personal funds; contributions over $200 are disclosed. Your donation is an investment in your business. As the new laws from one-party control are implemented, consider the direct impact on your bottom line. How much are you willing to invest in change? Invest today!