Minnesotans count on us everyday.  Our stores operate with care for our consumers’ economic and ecological environments.  The food retail industry provides jobs for thousands of Minnesotans.  Grocers are tied to their communities through charitable projects and a devotion to sustainability.  Statewide, the food retail industry pays millions of dollars in local property taxes and acts as a collector for sales taxes. 

Grocers Touch Consumers Everyday

Consumers visit the grocery store 1.6 times per week on average.  During a typical week, a family of four will spend $145.00 on groceries.  We responsibly provide nourishment safely and efficiently.  Every year, Minnesota food manufacturers produce over $3 billion in product.  The MN food retail industry affects every voter every day.

Grocers Provide Great Careers

From a first job as a grocery bagger to a career as a truck driver, from working in a manufacturing plant to practicing corporate law, over 125,000 union and non-union Minnesotans are employed in the food retail industry.  A career in the grocery industry means fair pay and great benefits.  MGA members support higher education through sponsorships of the Food Industry Center at the University of Minnesota as well as the MGA Foundation which provides scholarships supporting industry careers.

Grocers Are an Integral Part of the Community

Minnesota’s food retail industry is devoted to giving back to the community.  Grocers use cutting edge technologies such as LEED and Energy Star to ensure our buildings are as energy efficient as possible.  Our industry is a leader in environmental initiatives, making reducing, reusing and recycling priorities. MGA members have strong local ties, supporting ball fields, churches, and Minnesota’s food banks.  The MN food retail industry believes in ecological and economic sustainability. 

Proactive Work, Thoughtful Solutions, Positive Results!

The MGA’s legislative approach is proactive, including involvement with policy makers and other business groups.  Our work on your behalf allows us to anticipate bills and create a strategy for defeating detrimental legislation before it is introduced.  This type of complete Government Affairs program is NOT available anywhere else!

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