2020 Minnesota Grocery Shopper Study

New Shopper Study Finds Friendly Employees and Taking Care of the
Community Hallmarks of Minnesota Supermarkets

The Minnesota Grocers Association (MGA) today announced the findings of a study commissioned by the MGA and conducted independently by the Retail Feedback Group (RFG) to assess supermarket shopping in Minnesota. The statewide study of 1,000 supermarket shoppers, conducted in the third quarter of 2020, provides key insights into how Minnesota shoppers view their supermarket.

Minnesota Supermarkets Fare Well on Pandemic Measures
A large percentage of Minnesota supermarket shoppers indicated they are highly confident (67%) in the safety of food, whether purchased in a supermarket or online. Additionally, 96% of supermarket shoppers are highly or somewhat confident it is safe to shop in a Minnesota supermarket. 

Supermarket shoppers also provide a favorable satisfaction score with how their primary supermarket has done in serving customers throughout the pandemic (4.29 average score on a five-point scale) and how it seems the supermarket has done in treating employees (4.13), both registering higher for Minnesota supermarkets compared to RFG’s national benchmarks.

Friendly Employees and Taking Care of the Community Top Scores for Supermarkets
Shoppers rated several statements about their primary supermarket on a five-point scale, where five was highest. Employee friendliness received the top score. Further, about three out of four shoppers reported they had a pleasant interaction with an employee in their primary store, no doubt contributing to a greater perception of friendliness.

Brian Numainville, Principal, Retail Feedback Group, reinforced the importance of employee friendliness,
commenting, “The research findings show that employee friendliness drives a six times stronger likelihood by shoppers to recommend the store to others, so by receiving these high marks, supermarkets can know their customers are their greatest fans.”

Taking care of the local community received the second highest score. “Minnesota grocers have long been the foundation of their communities, and it is very positive that customers recognize the total value that their supermarket brings to the table,” concluded Jamie Pfuhl, President, Minnesota Grocers Association.

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