2020 bag hunger campaign

Bag Hunger Campaign Joins Grocers, Vendors, Consumers, and
Local Food Banks to Help Hungry Families Statewide

The MGA is encouraging consumers statewide to bag hunger in their neighborhoods by shopping at participating retailers during the 2020 Bag Hunger Campaign. As more Minnesotans are now facing food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are driven to help our neighbors during this annual hunger initiative. All food and monetary contributions collected in-store will go to provide much-needed support to local food banks and shelves to benefit hungry Minnesota families.

The Bag Hunger Campaign is a three-way partnership with grocers, vendors, and consumers aimed at increasing donations to Minnesota food shelves. The MGA coordinates the program across the state and has over 300 retail participants and 10 vendor partners. Since 2008, the MGA’s hunger campaigns have provided over 39 million meals to families in Minnesota and has set a goal of 1.5 million meals for 2020.   

“Our grocers and vendor partners share consumers’ concerns for providing food and necessities to local families in need,” said Jamie Pfuhl, President of the MGA. “The participating retailers and vendors have been working over-time during the challenges of 2020 and are proud to bring the Bag Hunger Campaign to our communities, to help increase donations to their local food shelves, and to benefit area families during difficult economic times.”

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