COVID-19 MGA Member Store Resources



Click here Governor Walz Price Gouging Executive Order.

Click here for best practices from The Food Industry Association (FMI).

Click here for FAQ’s about Executive Order 20-04.

Click here for Food Safety Information from the MN Department of Agriculture.

Click here for U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans.

Click here for food donation safety.

Click here for Best Practices for Employees.

Click here for Best Practices for Reusable Bags and Food Takeout Containers.

Click here for Food Establishment Guidance.

Click here for Food Safety for Deliver and Pick-up Services.

Click here for hand sanitizer from local distillers.

Click here for COVID-19 recommended store protocols.

Click here for Paycheck Protection Program Application.

Click here for Paycheck Protection Program FAQs.

Click here for food safety and availablity from FDA.

Click here for FDA Best Practices for Retail Food Stores, Restaurants, and Food Pick-Up/Delivery Services.

Click here for FMI PPE Procurement Resources.

Click here for FMI Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines.

Click here for MDA Guidance for Minnesota Farmers’ Markets and Vendors.

Click here for MDA Guidance for Minnesota Garden Centers/Nurseries.

Click here for MN Lottery Social Distance Signage.

MGA Member Partner Tools

Click here for updates on the IRS 90-day extension for tax payments from CLA.

Click here for the SCR COVID-19 Plan.

Click here for the South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical COVID-19 Plan.

Click here for the Midwest Best Water COVID-19 Plan.

Click here for water bottle safety from Midwest Best Water.

Click here for personal protective environments and products from NPARALLEL.

Click here for COVID-19 graphics from Refrigerator Media Advertising.

Click here for HD Meeting fact sheet from Windstream Enterpise.